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(Ethical Committee)

Institutional Review Committee (IRC) of Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) is an independent body constituted of medical and non-medical members to serve the patients, staff and community of PAHS, Nepal and abroad. The IRC-PAHS will try best review when requested the ethics of research proposals involving research related to human subjects at PAHS and its surrounding community submitted by members of staff, students, or associated workers belonging or affiliated to PAHS and collaborating research with other institutions in an outside country; to protect the subjects (volunteers or patients) from possible harm or danger, to preserve their rights, and to reassure the community (and sponsoring organizations) that this is being done; to ensure that Research Protocols are consistent with the application and interpretation, of the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki, CIOMS and Nuffield Council for Bio-ethics; to ensure any other ethical issues concerning patient care in the hospital.

Please apply by e-mail after completing the ‘Form’ (Form B is for special circumstances, we will guide you as needed). Please submit your detailed proposal together with the application form.

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