Why study at PAHS?

PAHS is unlike any medical institute in Nepal, in fact, it’s unlike any other medical institute globally. The difference stems from itsmission to improve health care in rural Nepal, and its unique collection of personnel (senior leadership, faculty, international support) and students following through on its goals. PAHS aims to create more than just health care workers (physicians, nurses, midwives, public health workers), it is an institution that is training leaders of rural health care for Nepal.

The PAHS approach is simple:

  • Encourage students to actively learnbythemselvesand from peers
  • Instruct them to logicallydissectclinicalsymptoms to a diagnosis
  • Expose them to rural communities to observe first hand, the health care situation in rural Nepal
  • Promote community engagement to develop health care solutions
  • Provide world-class expertise on the latest advances in modern medicine